Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Pirate Ship"

This yacht was abandoned by its owners some years ago, as they decided they were not cut out for the sea, after an arduous journey from Europe. Shortly after arriving in Port Elizabeth they jumped ship and flew back to home. It has been left to "rot" in the harbour and has become a nesting place for seagulls - apparently it will take a lot of work and a miracle to get it habitable again. Local fishermen affectionately refer to it as the "pirate ship".

To the left of the yacht you can see the red brick structure of the Campanile, which was built as a monument to the 1820 Settlers


  1. Well, I don't know what to think of those people... Very weird... Also quite weird that the boat was not "adopted" by individuals or some agency when it became clear that it had been abandoned.

    (Something is not quite right with Blogger today. I tried to post this comment several times today and kept getting an error. Let's see if I have better luck this time.)

  2. How truly bizarre. I mean why not sell it? How hard could that have been, and getting SOME money for it would have been better than none?? Or maybe they needed to write off some assets for tax purposes ;-)

  3. I think that this boat looks like it actually has potential. It would be a real shame to just let it rot.

  4. Is that boat still there? Would be in a terrible shape by now but interesting though....