Monday, April 7, 2008

The Blue Orange

Confusing name for a restaurant, especially as there is a furniture shop called the Orange Apple nearby!! What does make this a great place to eat, apart from the good food and service, is the outdoor area set in a real jungle of a garden. The ambince is lovely, and if it is a tad windy (as PE is known to be) there are lots of seats indoors too.


  1. Their chicken livers as a side order to breakfast, is delicious!

  2. Oh, why, why did you have to mention chicken livers?! Now I'm craving them! And I had a huge dinner just two hours ago. Mmmm, chicken livers with mashed taters...

  3. Michele - April 25, 2012.

    4 of us went for our steak evening last nite and it was absolutely fantastic. The steak was so tender and tasty, the waitress was very good and friendly and it was just a great evening. Had peacan nut pie for dessert and it was the best i have every eaten anywhere. Definitely a place i will go back to many a time, would like to try their Friday nite music nite.