Wednesday, May 7, 2008

bonus extra

Yes, yes, I know, the rules say 1 post of 1 picture a day, but I have just received 2 more stunning pix from the GIZA Regatta, and couldn't resist sharing them with you now! So consider it a bonus, from Port Elizabeth with love!
Yachts jostle for position on the start line. On the RHS on the bow is Scott Stephens part of the youngest crew sailing on Chris Frost from Durban's Pacer 3. The crew consisted of Thomas Ochabski (14), Scott Stephens (15), Michael Collier (15), Philip Straton (16), Luke Mann (19) and Chris Frost. Pacer 3 came 11th in Class 1 overall and 5th in the Pacer 27 fleet.

Aerial shot of Just in Time and Warrior at the top mark. Just in Time is a J27 skippered by Andrew Ward which came first on elapsed time and 1st in the IRC Class in the Giza Challenge. Warrior is a Simonis 60 skippered by Phil Gutsche which came 6th on elapsed time overall, 4th in the IRC Class and was 1st over the line in every race.Images by Leon Hugo

(thanks again to Alan for sharing these with us.)


  1. These are great pictures. Sailing like that is something that I will never get the chance to do. That first photo makes me feel like I was out there with them.

  2. Your regatta photos are fantastic. Keep them coming! :)

  3. Don't apologize for posting two photos. Those are both great!

  4. The top one is so so so great!