Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pastoral Bliss

We still want to show you a few pix in the Campanile series, but my laptop is caput, so until it is fixed they will have to wait. So let's go for a stroll in the country instead.

On the outskirts of town are several areas of small holdings and small farms. One enterprising owner along the KraggaKamma Road has turned his farm into a popular place incorporating a Touch farm, where kids can come and interact with a wide assortment of animals, as well as a wedding venue, restaurant and large fields for setting up marquees for functions. Wandering around the farm at sunset, we came across this delightful scene.


  1. Love the bunny tails! We picked those in the veldt across from our house as little girls. That area is now a retirement complex! Don't think I've seen bunny tails in the US!

  2. This is a fantastic picture. I like the way the sun shines through the top of the bunny tails.

  3. I also love bunny tails. For years we lived on a smallholding in that vicinity and the sight of bunny ears always reminds me of those days!