Wednesday, May 7, 2008

more of the regatta....

Here are a couple more images taken by Leon Hugo for the Algoa Bay Yacht Club during the GIZA Challenge Regatta last weekend.

In the top picture, colourful spinnakers brighten up a somewhat grey bay.

The bottom picture (pun intended) includes a bit of a bum view of the Commadore of ABYC, Alan Straton, (in black top and red shorts) on the yacht Cooking - a Ladd 27, owned by Gavin Stephens.

I particularly like this action shot because it shows the intensity of racing, as opposed to some of the previous relaxed shots we have shown of leisurely jaunts around the bay.


  1. Glad I never sent you the shot of us on Cooking broaching (putting the yacht on it's side in the water) after finishing one of the races in high winds!


    Just in front of me is Bayer, 62 year old mother of David Rae, an America's Cup Team Shosholoza Sailor who was sailing on Warrior. Bayer took part in the J22 Worlds this year and has been sailing on and off with us since we met her in Rio on the Cape to Rio in 2000.

  2. hehe... "blush" so it seems your face was red as well as your bum! It looks like it was a lot of fun, Bayer sounds cool!