Monday, May 19, 2008

Campanile #4

In showing you so many images of the historic areas and beachfront on this blog, there is a danger that we could give the impression that this is a quaint holiday resort. The truth is that, despite being a delightful place to visit and live, PE is primarily an industrial city, and at the heart of the industries which drive the City's economy is the motor industry. Here, while catching our breath at the top of the Campanile, and looking East, we see VWs and Hummers waiting to be loaded into one of the huge container vessels which frequently come into the harbour. On this day, the port was unusually bare of shipping, but you can see the little fleet of tugs which shepherd the large ships in. They look tiny from here but when you are on board they are not so small at all.


  1. Those are all cars? Impressive. I love the top photo. Those cranes look huge.

  2. Although it is an industrial site, I think that both of these are really stunning photos. There is beauty in industry!