Thursday, September 4, 2008

more havok

Even before the major tsunami type waves that did all the damage on Monday, the seas on Sunday were building up unusually high. On Sunday afternoon we took a stroll along the beachfront (yes, in our case it is "mad dogs and SouthAfricans go out in the freezing gale!") hehe. But we couldn't resist the opportunity to snap away despite fingers so frozen they could barely operate the camera!

We have often shown the wonderful wide pristine sands of King's Beach in the past.....

On Sunday there was no beach! It had completely disappeared under water! (If you look really closely at the top pic, you will see the toppled lifesavers tower in the waves!)


  1. I really was something to be seen. Lots of damage and sand washed away down Pollock Beach way.

  2. Amazing pictures - there is nothing about this on UK TV

  3. Amazing coverage - but these 2pics convey the feel better than the others, the blowing sand and flattened grass...

    That storm wasn't easy to convey. Here, the lands re underwater and instead of wheat growing, we have acres of waterfowl (and snow n the Ceres mountains.

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