Thursday, September 25, 2008

Then and Now, post office and city hall

Another of the wonderful vintage postcards sent to us by John from UK, and the same view taken recently.


  1. hi you two, its nice to visit PE again after a long absence, i love that you included then and now in this post; the coral tree (from the previous post) looks like a tree i know by a different name (fire tree) its beautiful

  2. Love the idea of the two images together! Impressive building and well maintained too.

    I would like to invite you to come to my "party".

  3. glad to see I started the ball rolling. More people are sending you old pictures of PE. Hope it will go on for quite a while
    Gaston (The south african froggy)

  4. hi bc, welcome back! we have also been very bad with visiting lately, trying to stretch our time in all directions!

    Sonia, will check out the party... hope not already too late!

    Hi Mr Froggie! Yes, it seems you really started something, and we have had fun looking for the similar viewpoints. We still want to do more of yours, when we have a chance to go to St Georges Park and Swartkops River..... watch this space!

  5. hi Sam,dont worry I go on your site at least twice a day and sometimes even more when my grandchildren are here with us.
    You and Sue are really doing a marvellous job
    Gaston (the froggy)