Thursday, October 23, 2008

power drain

This blog seems to be taking on a life of its own. Soon we will retire our cameras and let you guys do all the work! In response to Jan de Wet's photo of the power wasting Post Office yesterday, Louise Eksteen sent this montage, with the following comment:
"Brian and I drove around on a Sunday evening, to see how our Council was contributing to the national effort to cut down on unnecessary use of power. Brian then sent these photos to our Councillor, Mr Slabbert, who agreed that it was terrible, and nothing more was done!"

The other pictures are of the Eric Tindale building [and the one across the street, forgot its name] and the Eben Dönges building, the Dept of Roads and Transport, Telkom’s building near the City Hall and the NMMU North [? old Technikon].


  1. *sigh* We as the public can't do much more. The municipality and big business and institutions must also come to the party.

    The NMMU building is the old UPE's admin block on the main campus.

  2. Amazing that people still feel the need to light everything up all night!! As if the Post Office does any work after dark... At least NMMU has MOST of the admin block lights off... As far as the parking areas and walkways are concerned, I guess you have to rememebr that students live on the campus too, and sadly it's not an ideal world and nice dark parking garages and walkways are the perfect place for people to get attacked. I sat on the former PE Technikon's disciplinary committee for years and attacks on campus were sadly quite common.