Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wow, what a storm!

A cold front swept through the Eastern Cape yesterday dumping some pretty extreme weather on the way. I must say, in all my years here, I don't ever remember it being so dark during the day that the street lights came back on!

(More pix on Arty Fartying Around, and a bit of a political rant too!)


  1. Looks like something out of a horror movie. Fantastic pic


  2. We really needed the rain. My lawn was screaming out for some water. Spectacular down pour though.

  3. It was awesome.

    Until my tentants phoned me and told me the rain was pouring in through the roof! And my husband phoned and said our pool was over flowing and the water was lapping up against our back steps. Hmmm, then I was not as excited.

    It was pretty spectacular though!

  4. hehe, shame Pamela, sounds like it was a bit of a pain, but i have to agree with Firefly, it has been an unusually dry winter, so the rain was very welcome!