Wednesday, October 29, 2008

rusty relics

Last week I went with a bunch of artist friends to the old Apple Express Depot which overlooks the harbour and "tank farm" along the beachfront. We had a ball rumaging around the steam train graveyard, and I could probably bore you into a coma for WEEKS with the pix I took of rusty old trains from every conceivable angle! Looking through the driver's window of one, the Donkin Lighthouse and Campanile can be seen peeping over the distant horizon. I wish I could post this as big as I usually do, but it appears that blogger has messed up the way one does that, and they now pixellate when you try to adjust the code to make them bigger. rats! but you can see the big version if you click on the picture. (edit: found a fix, thanks to Sonia, so photo now the usual size!)


  1. When ever I drive past there I look at it and think what awesome photos and pictures you could get with those trains. Unfortnately I have never found anyone who would go, and I would not go alone.

    I glad you went. It must have been amazing.

  2. Ordinarylife, I would go with you. I've always thought the same thing. We must make a plan.

  3. Me too! I've often thought it would be a great place for photos but far to nervous to go on my owen. Maybe when I'm, in PE in March/April? :)

  4. Hi...this might be random, but would it be possible to get any copies of any pictures from the Humerail train station and the rusting trains you might have?

    I'd like to do my architectural thesis on refurbishing the railway station and creating a railway heritage center with other activities to be included...any pictures would be appreciated as unfortunately alot of the trains have now been scrapped!

    If so, please feel free to contact me on
    thanks Dylan.