Monday, May 30, 2011

St Dominic's Priory Fair

One of the most popular school fates in Port Elizabeth must be the annual Priory Fair at St Dominic's Priory in Miramar.  The Fair attracts thousands of people both connected to the school or just interested in what they have on offer.  The school started out as a girls' convent school and then a junior school only.  After the amalgamation of St Dominic's Priory with Marist Brothers College, Holy Rosary Convent and Trinity High, the school now has both a junior school as well as the only independent Catholic High School in Port Elizabeth.  This year's fair was a HUGE success and the organisers are already looking at bigger and better things for next year.

Firefly note: Yesterday when I initially did the post, I typo crept into the title and I spelled Dominic's with a "x" at the end.  As soon as I posted it I noticed the mistake and corrected it.  Unfortunately the post's web address is linked to the title and it doesn't change once the article has been posted.  Mistakes do happen every now and then.  Nobody is pervekt

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