Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunday at Art in the Park

The weather was perfect on Sunday morning and we decided to pop down to Art in the Park at St Georges Park.  In the past the market was all about home- and hand made items, but over the last couple of years less stall holders kept on coming back due to dwindling support.  This forced the organisers to also allow bric and brac stall holders to start selling their wares at Art in the Park.  I do find the bric and brac stalls very interesting though as you are always likely to stumble on a book or item that you want even though you may not necessarily need it.  On this Sunday there were lots of people about which makes it an even greater pity that there isn't as many hand made stalls as in the past anymore.


  1. Nice weather ... and I like the really blue sky.

  2. I would agree that it's a pity that the home craft stalls have dwindled. As a previous resident of PE (now living in England) I miss the ambience that Art in the Park used to have.

  3. Sadly, Art in the Park has been seriously affected by all the shopping centres that are open all weekend. All the cheap crockery that is brought in to the country has chased the potters away, which is a great pity but we do continously encourage people to join our market with their hand made goods and have been growing over the past few years. As St George's Park is a municipal park, we were forced by the municipality to allow these traders with collectable items in to the park, which has become a big attraction over the years. We do pride ourselves that our market has been going for 32 year now and hope to continue for many years to come.
    Frieda Maisey - CHAIRLADY