Monday, January 2, 2012

Aloe along the Lower Guinea Fowl Trail

This time of the year most people head down to the beach during the holidays, but what if you're not into crowds, screaming kids, girls in bikini's who will never go in the water and are just there to catch the boys' eyes or just sand between your toes?  Why not do one of the many short hiking trails that can be found around the city?  The Lower Guinea Fowl Trail is one of the main very good trail there is to do and stretches from the 3rd Avenue Dip to Settlers Park over 7,5 kilometres.


  1. That depends a bit. If it's not too warm, the hike sounds like fun.

  2. I would want the beach early morning before the crowds and then take a trail walk! Or maybe the beach late in the day when the crowds are filtering! Love walking the trails beachside too! We have many on the Mornington Peninsula!

    A beautiful, scenic photo!