Thursday, January 12, 2012

The ferry on the Sundays River

One of my favorite attractions around Port Elizabeth is cruising the Sundays River with the team of Les Kingma and Maggie Mann of the Sundays River Ferry Company in Colchester.  Cannonville in fact, but not everybody know that there are two villages on the banks of the Sundats River.  But I digress.  Les first cruises up the river just past the Mackay Bridge before turning back and heading towards the river mouth.  When Maggie has an opportunity to be on board (in between running her guesthouse, Addo Gateway Lodge) she is a bundle of energy with a wealth of information about the river, the dunes and the birds along the banks.


  1. I may have to move to ZA to do all the things I keep adding to my list.

  2. Man how i miss South Arika these days. Wish i could visit but still a few more years to save