Friday, January 13, 2012

Aya's Ceramic Studio

A lot of artists like to settle somewhere close to the coast, in the mountains, a forest or a little town in the Karoo to draw inspiration from their environment to channel into their art.  Then there are people like Ayanda (Aya) Mji who lives in the heart of the New Brighton township of Port Elizabeth and who draws her inspiration from the African landscape around her.  She uses animals, birds and even her dreams to create some of the most interesting ceramic art you will find anywhere in the beautiful country of ours.  Aya owns the only ceramic studio in Port Elizabeth's townships from where she sells a large range of ceramic art works.  Aya's Ceramic Studio is situated in 90 Gunguluza Street close to the Red Location Museum in New Brighton.  Just in case somebody wants to contact her for more information, her contact number is 041 4543350.