Sunday, January 29, 2012

The lighthouse at Cape Recife

The Cape Recife Nature Reserve so has the potential to be Port Elizabeth's Cape Point Nature Reserve, just without the cliffs.  What I'm saying is that so few people really go to Cape Recife yet there is so much to do and experience.  Some of the options are visiting SAMREC, doing the Roseate Tern Hiking Trail, bird watching, fish, exploring the rock pools at low tide, walking along the beach, tons and tons of photo opportunities and for those who prefer it slipping off to Secrets nude beach.  The big land mark in reserve is the Cape Recife Lighthouse built in 1851.  Just a pity its not open to visitors at the moment.


  1. What a beautiful, iconic image! Nice work.

  2. The nude beach could also be a possible photo op!

  3. On this grey, cold, wet day in Ireland you surely know how to make me homesick!
    I've said it before... I loved going there... many a fish caught, well... I tried.
    Even the odd skinny dip at Secrets... many years ago!
    Don't forget the sip of box wine in the sun... or getting muscles off the rocks at spring low...
    Or, just chilling out to the sounds of the sea and a bit of Bob
    Memories... ;-)