Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Water monitor (aka Sundays River croc)

Some of the residents of Colchester jokingly refer to the water monitors living in the Sundays River as Sundays River Crocodiles.  The reason for this is because visitors spotting them swimming in the river often think that they are looking at a crocodile.  Crocodiles never occurred in the area naturally as it gets too cold for them during the winter.  Water monitors (or Water liguaans) can grow over 1,5 meters in length with their biggest defence being their tail which they can use like a whip.  The last time I went on a cruise with the Sundays River Ferry we saw two water monitors sunning themselves on jetties along the river.


  1. Blends in well with the jetty!

  2. Awesome create and I'll bet more docile than a croc.

  3. He looks like quite a big fellow and relaxed too.