Monday, May 28, 2012

Bales of Mohair - Mohair series 1 of 7

Nelson Mandela Bay is the mohair capital of the world as it is the city where the most mohair moves through on its way to either being graded, auctioned, processed or exported.  I was very fortunate recently to get the opportunity to visit the three mohair related factories in Uitenhage that belong to the Stucken Group, namely Gubb & Inggs where the mohair gets washed and turned into tops, Mohair Spinners South Africa where the mohair is turned into yarn and lastly Hinterveld where some of the most luxurious and timeless mohair products anywhere are produced.  I have a series of seven photos which I will post over the next week along with everything you need to know about mohair. 

After the goats are sheared and the fleece is clipped off, the mohair gets sorted into various lengths, fibre diameter and quality types.  In the picture are the bales of mohair, already sorted, as they arrive at Gubb & Inggs before the process start.


  1. Mohair is so warm and soft.

  2. How interesting. I do love my two mohair blankets and I am sure they came from round PE. Look forward to seeing the process.

  3. What about a photo of the old Wool Exchange next door to the Feather Market Centre, Firefly? Although not as impressive as the Feather Market or Baakens River Police Station, it does add to the city centre architecture...

    1. Next time I'm down there I will go past the old Wool Exchange to get a pic for you.