Tuesday, May 22, 2012


On Saturday morning I bundled the family into the car and headed down to Retro-Pickers in Walmer.  Around every second corner there is a coffee shop these days, but Retro-Pickers is something refreshingly different.  Imagine an antique shop selling mostly retro items and clothing combined with a small personal coffee shop and you will have Retro-Pickers.  The coffee shop isn't very big with only three tables inside and another four outside making it a nice quiet spot to go for a chat and browse.  I probably spent more time going through everything on the shelves than I did sitting at the table and every time I sat down my eyes caught something else and I was up again.  The menu is nice and compact and we decided on the mouthwatering beef pitas.  I also noticed that there is always gluten-dairy-sugar free Choc Chip Muffins at R12 each on the menu so anybody can visit for a coffee and snack.  So next time you're driving down Main Road looking for a spot for a coffee break, do pop in at Retro-Pickers.


  1. Looks like you could re-enact Goldilocks and the three bears there. What lucky kids you have!

  2. wow can't wait to try it out, thanks for the recommendation....especially interesting is the bit about gluten/dairy free muffins, it is always a challenge finding places that cater for all the allergic ones in our family so this is great news!