Monday, May 7, 2012

Oscar Maximus visits the Donkin

In 2009 Oscar the mix breed mutt was sitting on death row at the SPCA in Cape Town and had his lucky break by getting adopted one day before being put down.  Since then Oscar has become the world's most widely travelled dog.  He had travelled over 200 000 all over and around the world and has visited most of the world's well know landmarks, probably lifting his leg against most of them.  Through his travelers Oscar is bringing the plight of all homeless dogs all over the world to the fore and helps to encourage people wanting a dog to rather adopt one from their local animal welfare organisation.  Oscar is currently travelling through South Africa along with Oscar Maximus, the world's biggest dog.  Oscar Maximus, a 30m wide and 30m high hot air balloon, was floating above the Donkin Reserve this morning on their visit to Port Elizabeth. 


  1. Dear Oscar so happy for you, I wish we could save all the animals, lets hope this makes people more aware, caring and responsible.