Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drying the Mohair - Mohair series 3 of 7

After the mohair has gone through the washing process it gets dried through blowers.  During the wash and dry process the mohair went from being dirty and oily to white and fluffy, looking very mush like cotton wool.  Here after the mohair fibres are positioned in uniform lengths and most of the remaining vegetable matter gets removed.  A sliver or coil of mohair called a "carded sliver" is then produced.
Angora goats are sheared twice a year and doesn't get harmed in any way during the process.  The Angora goats thrive in the Karoo with its combination of hot, dry summers, cold winters (although they don't always like freezing cold snaps) and semi-desert vegetation.  The South African mohair industry is set apart from some of its counterparts through best practice farming as well as the perfect environment.

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