Thursday, April 11, 2013

Humble Ways south view

A Geocaching outing took me to yet another new spot in Port Elizabeth the other day.  Humble Ways Retreat is situated at the end of St Clair's Way on Lovemore Heights and owned by the Stucken family.  There were three caches hidden on the property so I took Chaos Boy on a nice leisurely stroll enjoying the views of the natural surrounds.  Although it was cloudy the views are still stunning, the one in the picture looking south across Lovemore Park towards the Indian Ocean.


  1. Loving all that lush vegetation. Looks like a ways out of town. Glad that Chaos Boy likes to geocache also.

  2. I only hear about geocaching, Jonker. Don't know it at all but it sounds like fun. Glad you and Chaos Boy enjoyed the trip out. Greetings from Jo, Tanzania.