Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kings Beach Panorama

I've been looking at old posts and dates and realised its been just over four years since I took over Port Elizabeth Daily Photo from Sue and Max. WOW, I can't believe that I've been at it for four years already.  I also noticed that in a couple of weeks PEDP is coming up to 2000 posts of which by then I would have done 1500.  But I'll wait for the actual occasion to get all soppy and emotional.  Not just quite yet.
A week ago I posted a picture of Kings Beach from the harbour wall and even though it only got two comments the actual picture got shared around Facebook by quite a few people.  Now if only that many people would see the post on the blog and then comment on it. Today's picture is a panorama of Kings Beach and was also taken from the Port Elizabeth Harbour wall side looking south.


  1. I'm happy to get "all soppy and emotional" prematurely in case I miss the actual occasion...

    Your photos on PEDP, Firefly and Raakreis are always wonderful to look at, ponder over, savour the memories they evoke, get inspiration to go and see... I enjoy the captions you write too, a personal touch with a bit of history thrown in. Nothing but pure pleasure and a joy for me.

    Congratulations on the fine job you do. Please don't retire... ever

    With masses of thank-you's