Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sailing along

No wonder Port Elizabeth is gaining a great reputation as a watersport capital. We recently showed you the swimming phase of the Ironman contest. This weekend PE was host to another major event. The GIZA Challenge is the Algoa Bay Yacht Club's premiere annual regatta attracting a strong fleet of local yachts as well as entries from around South Africa. We are very grateful to Alan Straton, Commadore of ABYC, for sharing some of the photos they had taken during the event, by photographer Leon Hugo.

This is such a cool one because you get an unusual aerial view of our beachfront.

And this is Warrior, - owned by Phil Gutsche, a Simonis 60 foot racing yacht which has previously taken part in the Cape to Rio. (We have been lucky enough to go for a sunset cruise out past Cape Recife lighthouse on Warrior, she is an amazing vessel!)

We'll show more tomorrow..... thanks Alan!


  1. great shot nice airview

    you are a bird? ;)

  2. Love the shot of the beach, very pretty.

  3. Sam, that aerial view of the beach front is just amazing!

  4. A magnificent pair of photos there!

  5. And the Giza Challenge was filmed by Supersport - look out for a very entertaining insert soon.

    AND - SABC featured our fair town of Port Elizabeth in their feature on the Giza Challenge.

    And I had an incredible time.

    AND - Dave Claxton, the builder of the Pacer 27 Yacht, writing in yesterday's Pacer 27 newsletter said the following about Port Elizabeth and ABYC; "Their sailing waters have to be the best of all coastal venues, bar NONE."

    Nou weet julle hoekom ons die Baai so lief het (Now you know why we love the Bay!)

  6. Dit laat my so terugverlang huis toe ...

  7. shame sakiwi, yet you continue to torture yourself ;)

  8. Oh wow - check out that beachfront shot! Old PE looks quite glamorous there! ;-)