Monday, August 18, 2008

Byebye blogger

Well after weeks of utter frustration, and hours of wasted time trying to upload pix on other programmes, copy them across, only to lose the lot because publishing keeps failing, we have decided to move to wordpress. We have tried and tried to avoid it, because we much prefer the flexibilty offered by blogger as far as picture size etc is concerned, but I guess we will just have to accept the compromise, because there is no way we can go on like this. We have been on the point of ditching the blog altogether because it has been such a mission to post a simple daily photo!

You can now find us at our new Port Elizabeth Daily Photo home.

If we change ISP providers and resolve the conflict with Blogger, we might come back to the old site, but for now you'll catch us over at Wordpress. Our time has been so limited, and we have wasted so much just trying to keep the daily posts going, that we have utterly neglected our other blogs, and our visiting, so please forgive our scarcity at the moment. After a trip out of town this week, we should be back into some sort of normality from next week, and will try and catch up.

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