Thursday, August 28, 2008

trees under threat

These 2 wonderful old members of the ficus family have grown at the end of Main Road Walmer for as long as anyone here can remember, and are really well known landmarks. As the system of roads surrounding them is being constantly upgraded, and shopping centres developed all around, they are looking sadder and sadder. Despite the watering they receive from tenants of Fig Tree Village, which was named after them, they are looking much sparser than they did several years ago. Debate rages in the letters page of the newspaper, but the reality is that the development has already taken place all around them, and it is hard to imagine any of it being reversed for the sake of these old lovelies! Sad but true..... but trees are resilient and we really hope these two prove all the doom and gloom types wrong, and bounce back, to continue gracing our city for many generations to come.


  1. Hi, I used to live in Main Road 50 years ago, between 10th and 11th Avenues. What avenue is closest to these trees?

  2. Anonymous - the trees are at the intersection of 17th Ave (WIlliam Moffet) and Main Road.

    Every time I go home, the sight of those trees depresses me. They are sad shadows of their former selves. I remember them in the 1970s when they pratically made an umbrella over the intersection. We used to drive under them to get to Koen's nursery - anybody else remember that?