Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hot off the press....

......excuse the pun. We already did a post today on the new wordpress blog, but ironically were unable to upload the bitmap kindly sent sent to us by our friend Louise Eksteen (a noted photographic artist who has offered to supply us with pics.) However, as I am in Capetown and uploading from my cellphone, blogger is behaving delightfully!
So here is an image of the fire in Port Elizabeth yesterday, in which the old Greatermans building was burned. In the foreground is the old post office, under renovation, and the old Main Street, now Govan Mbeki Ave runs off diagonally to the right behind it. The Greatermans building was on the right hand side.


  1. I once observed a fire consume a house, and I hope I never see one again. It's terribly frightening.

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