Saturday, August 30, 2008

happy birthday dear Ma-ax....tra la

It is the m in sam's birthday today, and the family decided on an outing to the wonderful Addo Elephant Game Park which we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep. So we packed a great picnic and set off this afternoon when our son-in-law got home from work.

Addo is looking quite dry, which is a bit scary, because we should have had some major rain at this time of year. As we drove in we saw a huge old lone buffalo and a large jackal. Along the way were vast numbers of graceful kudu, less elegant red hartebeest, eland, warthogs, elephants and ostriches.
But the highlight was as we were about to leave, quite close to the gate, when a whole bunch of elephants, including small babies, crossed the road right in front of us. It was a "hold your breath and hope they don't take offence" experience because we were boxed in by elephants to the right, cars behind and in front and dense bush to the left. My window was wide open and I didn't dare close it in case I upset mommy elephant, and of course the camera would have been too noisy so I couldn't click as they were level with us. Mommy elephant paused and eyeballed me for a bit before strolling on.... whew, ok breathe again....
it was a wonderful way to end a great family day.


    Sounds you all had a wonderful family day! Wow! What a huge animal! Just amazing picture!

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  3. Happy Birthday max!
    Love that photo...the texture of the skin and ofcourse the dung on the road.

  4. happy birthday Max - what are your plans for Sue's birthday ?

  5. Sorry for being late, but I have been in Jhb and without a computer. Happy belated Birthday Max.

    Addo must be one of my fav places in South Africa. I have been there hundreds of times and just don't get tired of it.

  6. Happy birthday Max! And oh, how wonderfully close those elephants got!