Monday, May 31, 2010

Concentration Camp Memorial

Kemsley Park next to the SAP sports fields just off Mount Road was one of two Anglo Boer War concentration camp sites in Nelson Mandela Bay. The other one is situated just outside Uitenhage. Roché Petersen has pointed out to me in a previous post that the dead from the concentration camp was buried in the North End Cemetery where there also is a memorial. I haven't had a chance to pop by there to check it out, but hope to do so soon.


  1. Can't believe I've lived here all my life and did not even know about the concentration camps. Thanks for a very interesting blog! x

  2. I have played sport so often at Kemsley Park and do remember the memorial. Strange that as youngsters we have no interest, but as adults we become like sponges - eager to learn more.

  3. In 2001 I was part of a memorial 'ossewatrek' from the concentration camp memorial to the Ned. Hervormde Kerk in Mangold Street behind Greenacres. It was really something. I also found some clippings in the Public Library once that appeared in the old Oosterlig.