Friday, May 21, 2010

King Edward Hotel

The King Edward Hotel in Central is situated across the road from the Donkin Reserve. Established in 1903, the hotel started out as the place where the who's who of South Africa stayed in when visiting Port Elizabeth during the early 1900's. The hotel was sold do a Dubai based group a couple of years ago and is now busy being upgraded to go back to its former glory.


  1. Such a gorgeous building - glad to hear that's it's being revamped!
    Gena D
    Thinking aloud

  2. Great architecture. Nice to hear it's being renovated. Maybe I can stay there next time I visit.

  3. An incredible amount of history and tradition are contained within. I remember when, as a non-art lover, I used to actually look at the paintings and art on the walls. There is so much character to the building - hope it retains some of its character even with new owners.