Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fishing boats

The Port Elizabeth Harbour is used by commercial boats, fishing boats and recreational boats (yachts). People normally associate fishing with the small harbours along the South Western Cape and West Coast, so PE doesn't get seen as much of a fishing harbour. But that is where they are wrong. It does have a huge number of fishing boats that are based here and that offload their catch at the fishing facilities. Most of the catch gets processed here so you wouldn't buy the fish fresh off the boat like in the Cape, but you can get fresh fish at some of the outlets on the harbour.


  1. The Chokka (squid) industry originated in Port Elizabeth, Algoa Bay.

    It was seen as so lucrative in the early days that a mate of mine who was a Director General in the then Department of Manpower resigned and started at the 'bottom' by becoming a Chokka fisherman and then owning boats.

    Seeing thos boats on the horizon with all their lights on is another fine view of Port Elizabeth.

  2. A great harbor photo with the grand boats and seagulls!