Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cuddle cubs

The Seaview Game and Lion Park is situated just west of Port Elizabeth. They have a white lion breeding program. The lion cubs are all hand reared by the staff who give them their bottles, sit up with them at night and even take them potty. Ok not potty. In their case its lawny, or grassy or sommer behind the bushy. LOL. Why I say that is that when a cub is small the mother would lick their thingies (for a lack of a better blog friendly word) to make them weewee. The staff would take them out and tickle their thingies... 'Nuff said.
Here one of their international volunteers are cuddling a couple of lion cubs just after feeding time. These cubs may not be white, but they have the white lion gene.

1 comment:

  1. Very amusing Jonker. I guess these lions are not being bread for release if they are so imprinted on their handlers. Yet what a privilege to hold a cub in your lap.