Sunday, October 30, 2011

Love at first sight

Judging by her love for animals, I have a feeling my daughter is going to be a vet on day.  We visited the East Cape Horse Care Unit again the other day and Drama Princess got to go in with the baby donkeys.  She just wanted to hug and hold them all the time.  At home she's got a bird, hamsters, a dog, a box with silkworms and even a container with snails.  Chaos Boy on the other hand would rather not touch any animal if he had a choice. 


  1. What about snakes? They must be fun to cuddle with!

  2. That's an adorable shot with your beautiful daughter. I'd want to take one of those donkeys home.

  3. Oh, what a lovely picture. So cute she is :0) I can understand the love for animal, though snakes and spiders make me afraid :0)
    And PS, Halloween is rather new celebration in Norway, but I think it will become a tradition now, the kids love it :0)