Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Making friends

Its school holidays and this dad has to keep the kidz busy for a couple of days.  I decided to take the kidz to visit the East Cape Horse Care Unit for the first time today.  The ECHCU was established in 2006 after it was found that there was a need for the education of horse and donkey owners in the Metro.  The unit is based next to the Animal Welfare Society on Victoria Drive and thus do a lot of work in the Walmer Township.  They have recently started to receive a lot of much needed attention thanks to Facebook.  This after they started to take care of two orphans needing about 6 - 8 litres of 2% milk a day and appealed to the public to help them out.  Most visitors arrive with a bag of carrots in hand and the donkeys are just too willing to be spoiled.  Although Chaos Boy wasn't too bothered with the donkeys, Drama Princess just fell in love with them and I'm sure we will be back very soon (and often), if she had any choice in the matter.