Thursday, October 6, 2011

Polok Beach

When we were small we spent many Sundays splashing in the natural "tidal pool" behind the big rock at Pollok Beach and passing there the other day it seems that not much has changed.  We may have grown up, but another generation of kids now swim there.  I've never been very sure where the name Pollok Beach (often mistakenly spelled Pollock Beach) comes from.  I found the explanation on the Port Elizabeth surf website Millers Local.  Pollok Beach was named after the Pollok Hotel that used to stand where the present Summerseas (the buildings with the greenish roofs in the middle of the picture) is today.  The Pollok Hotel later became the old Summerstrand Hotel.  The original building dated back to the 1890’s, when the sand dunes were reclaimed and allocated for use of a hotel.  The hotel was built by a guy called Pollok who built it came from Scotland and named the hotel after himself.

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  1. Nice to see generations of kids using this watery play area.