Saturday, October 8, 2011

Terns at Cape Recife

Birders often head down to the Cape Recife for its magnitude of birding opportunities.  At the tern roost close to the lighthouse seven species of tern can be found.  These include Roseate tern, Antarctic tern and occasionally Damara tern with it being the best place in the country to see Roseate Tern.  Now with the terns in the picture I may need some help.  I may do Twitter, but I'm not much of a Twitcher.  I'm pretty sure they are terns though... 


  1. Lovely photo. Difficult to id tho - I like the birder who, when she couldnt tell the diff between an Arctic or a Common tern, just calls them "Comic terns".

  2. Nice bonus to beach and birds.

  3. How about wind blown terns? I'm no good at the ID either... ;-)