Sunday, March 11, 2012

Athenaeum art display

The art project currently on display at the Athenaeum building in Central is a project called Conversations with Victoria.  Once the project has been implemented it will consist of a number of life-size figures of both political figures as well as ordinary people placed around the statue of Queen Victoria in front of the Public Library in the city centre.  It will seem as if they are in discussion with the Queen regarding the past, present and future.  Perhaps a little bit of sport, fashion and general gossip as well. 


  1. I like the inclusion of the patron viewing the statues. It seems as though there is a conversation taking place. Brilliant!

  2. With the lighter color faces, they look like the Walk of the Living Dead! hahahahaha

  3. Great idea.They are rather spooky but then most statues are.Wonderful space!