Monday, March 5, 2012

Cuyler Manor

The town of Uitenhage was founded on 25 April 1804 by General Jacob Glen Cuyler who also acted as Landdrost (district magistrate) of Uitenhage from 1806 to 1827.  Cuyler bought the farm on which Cuyler Manor was built in 1814 and and lived there until his death in 1854.  The Cape Dutch style house has been restored, furnished in the style of its day and along with the surrounding farm yard forms part of the Cuyler Manor Museum.


  1. Wow looks very spic and span.
    Interesting story - have heard the name often but never thought much about who he was. Thanks

  2. Love the dichotomy of the 18th century building and the electric lines! Love the paths . . .

  3. The house is very nice to see. In the Facebook game Farmville there were Villas resembling to the one in the picture. Flights to Windhoek