Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tyre veggie garden

One of the main projects at the UDDI's Despatch Eco-Hub is a very innovative tyre garden.  Two tyres are fixed onto of each other, filled with soil and veggies planted in them.  It a great way to recycle tyres as well as establish a veggie garden where the soil may be of bad quality or there may not be enough space for a garden.  They can quite easily be moved around as well.  The other thing tyres are used for at the Eco Hub is the making of compost.  Three tyres are fixed together and closed up at the bottom with a piece of wood.  The tyres are then filled with grass cuttings and other plant and left over food material, closed up with a lid and left to decompose.


  1. Great use for tyres. And what healthy looking cabbages.

  2. Great idea.

    If you ever get to Seaview there's a B&B with a green house and very innovative ideas.