Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beachfront from a boeing

Do you ever wish you could fly through the air like Superman (or any of the other superheroes from your favourite movie or comic book - or graphic novel like some of the purists would call it.  I may be afraid of heights, but I often do.  Whenever I get the chance to fly somewhere (by plane that is) and look down on Port Elizabeth either leaving or returning, I wish I could get the opportunity to fly along the metro's coastline and over its landmarks at a slightly lower level to take pictures of it.


  1. I not only wish, but still sometimes dream about walking out the front door and jumping up and flying away. My wife said I am nut and I should be thankful that I was not sleep walking...

  2. I love aerial views! How about parasailing?

  3. I've seen that view so often in the past... yet, now I long to see it again! Maybe soon!! ;-)