Friday, July 20, 2012

Cockscomb mountain

One of the most prominent mountains you will find fairly close to Port Elizabeth is the Cockscomb Mountain found in the Baviaanskloof Wilderness area about a hundred kilometers or so to the west of the city.  The Cockscomb is the highest peak (1768m above sea level) in the Groot Winterhoek mountain range and got its name from all its little peaks that look like a rooster's comb.  The original KhoiSan people of the area called the mountain Naniqua, meaning “mountain in the mist”.  The Cockscomb is visible just about all around from the Kouga coastline and the Gamtoos Valley to the Addo area and the southern part of the Karoo.  Although the mountain isn't visible from the city itself, I had a great view of it driving along the Rocklands road between Uitenhage and the N2.


  1. Wonderful photo... magnificent mountain

  2. Baviaanskloof was interesting to drive thru, a bit other worldly.