Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lake Farm lake

The Lake Farm lake on Lake Side Road in the Kragga Kamma area west of the city is the biggest fresh water lake in Port Elizabeth.  The lake is quite a popular fishing spot but to get access you need to belong to a club which will organise you permission to go in.  Lake de la Vie wedding venue and Royalson Game Reserve is situated to the west of the lake, basically behind my back as I took this picture.


  1. I love this lake - we cycle past it some mornings depending on the route we take. So cool seeing the giraffe and things close by.

  2. Looks like a good place to go fishing!

  3. Are there any fish in this dam? If so how much is a day permit?

    1. There are fish in the lake but I have no idea who to contact. Perhaps contact Lake de la Vie or Royalston Game Reserve to find out.