Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kings Beach lake

Taking a walk around the new Kings Beach development I have to say that I'm quite impressed with the new lake water feature which is the centrepiece of the whole development.  It could become quite a popular spot for walks or to just sit and relax next to.


  1. Hi, that's all well and good!!! A nice place for walks n relaxing...but spare a thought for the traders of the flea market, who were rough stod removed from the walk way and dumped in the most inappropriate area next to the water rides.
    Spare a thought for the traders who depended on this income to support their household. spare a thought for the traders whose only source of income was trading every sunday at the kings beach flea market.
    I have a deep feeling of loss, not only financially but also loss of family, over the years one develops a deep and meaningful relationship with others traders. Most of the traders come from far n wide, so its not always posibble to meet each other.
    So, pray tell, was it worth it!!!! For just a walk in a park! We were told after the work is done, we could move back, we have lost nearly 7-8 months of income and we are all feeling the pinch..arg I could go on. Its from the heart

  2. Does beg the question - why do we need a lake to sit beside when we have the sea right there? It already looks mucky. Don't like it much. Preferred the dunes from years ago. And my sympathies go to the traders.

  3. A lake? not 100 meters from the ocean? While the pot holes in the road only get bigger, almost zero service delivery in certain areas in town, and lets not mention the shoddy way that events and such are handleD! i.e. the committee members for splash were elected less than a month before the event( I know because I wanted to get a stall for splash), Our fair city is bankrupt! but they can built a nice new lake in the most ridiculous of places. tell you what! how about trying to increase the level of drinking water. actually try and deliver services that we are expected to pay for, doing something about the enormous potholes around town, and not to mention moving the traders that have been in that area for years, what about them, but its o.k. because we have a new lake...IN WALKING DISTANCE OF THE SEA! In a little over a year, people will no longer visit this lake because either it will be used by vagrants to wash themselves or municipality will no longer clean it because OUR METRO IS BANKRUPT, SO THERE IS NO MONEY FOR SALARIES or any other of a myriad of possibilities that will only insure that our coastline will begin to degenerate into something that is little better than a sewage farm!

  4. My sympathies go to the traders as well and I can't understand why they haven't been moved back to the walkway yet, but its no use for people to rant here on my blog about it. This is purly a photo blog to show off my photos of this beautiful city so I can't do anything about it. In my view the Kings Beach development was much needed to revitalise the beachfront. Its been done very successfully in Durban over the last couple of years and we need to do it here as well. My only gripe about it is that the municipality needs to have a full time cleaner there to keep the stream and lake clean from rubbish blowing into it. As for the Kings Beach Traders. They are a key part of the beachfront and its activities and needs to be moved back. BUT, something has to be done to improve what they sell as there are way too much knockoff stuff, caps, sunglasses, bags, toys and other junk being sold.