Monday, July 30, 2012

Flooding on Seaview Road

Whenever we have excessive rain in Port Elizabeth the 3rd Avenue Dip is the first road that gets closed.  When Port Elizabeth has manor flooding, like we've had twice in the last three weeks, one of the roads that get the worst effected is the Seaview Road at the Deer Park turnoff.  There is no river that runs through there, but the runoff from the surrounding hills dam up at the bottom and over the last 6 years have caused major flooding on at least two occasions.  On the road itself the water is apparently 1,6 meters at its deepest point while a restaurant and wedding venue about a hundred meters away is up to its upstairs windows under water. 
I took a drive out on Sunday morning and this is the sea of water that greeted me. 


  1. Hope that's not your truck you have to get to on the other side! :-)

  2. I believe they have predicted a lot more rain for the rest of today! Dams are full man! We don't need any more. Nice pics Firefly.