Sunday, July 15, 2012

St Georges Park and cricket stadium

I chose the perfect day last week for a walk around St Georges Park.  Beautiful blue skies, no wind and warm winter temperatures.  Its really sad that more people don't spend a time in the park.  More importantly, if more people go there during the day the bad and unwanted elements will disappear from it. 


  1. What are those "bad and unwanted elements"?
    I don´t live in PE, but I´ll probably move there soon and am curious.

    Thanks for the blog, I really enjoy it!

    1. There used to be a lot of vagrants hanging around the park and there has been a couple of isolated incidents of crime. But with more people using it these elements will be forced to move out.

  2. Oh how I miss winter days like this in PE...! I was home 2 weeks ago and the WINTER weather in PE was a lot nicer than the SUMMER weather in London!!

  3. Wow, I have not been there in years! Must make a plan to get there one day soon. Nice shot Jonker