Monday, November 4, 2013

Bridge series #1 - Mackay Bridge

Port Elizabeth isn't famous for it's bridges but it does have a couple of notable ones.  Some historic, one imposing and a couple that are often used.  I collected pictures of a few of them and decided to put together a series showing you six bridges from around the city. 
I'm starting with one of my favourite bridges, the historic Mackay Bridge in Colchester.  During the mid 1800's this specific spot was quite a popular one with travellers as it had the only pont over the Sundays River and it cut down on the travel time not having to go via the drift in Addo.  The original pont was washed away in 1874 and a second one in 1875.   It 1884 it was decided to build a bridge across the river which opened in 1895.  This bridge was constructed entirely of steel and iron brought from Sheffield in England and was named after John Mackay who's efforts resulted in its construction.  The elements unfortunately has taken its toll on the bridge and it's been closed to traffic still accessible on foot.