Sunday, November 24, 2013

PE landmarks

The Donkin Reserve with Route 67 is my favorite photographic location in Port Elizabeth.  There is so many different subjects to photograph and so many different angles to use.  Over the years the Donkin Memorial (Pyramid) and the Hill Lighthouse has become iconic landmarks in Port Elizabeth and is well worth snapping a picture of.


  1. Imagine seeing a pyramid in Port Elizabeth. Your images are so sharp and colorful, Thanks for sharing. Jo

  2. Love the contrast of the old against the new...and the precision of the pyramid is amazing...the edges look so sharp. Is the weather always so nice where you are Firefly? So many beautiful shots with clear blue skies!

  3. Dot, we've had some beautiful days and those are the ones that I make the most of to take pictures. The cloudy ones in-between means the camera doesn't always come out.