Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hello baby

Baby elephants never venture very far from their mothers and isn't always that easy to photograph as they zig-zag in-between legs and duck under adults.  This little guy looked quite at ease just playing around while mommy and the other big elephants were browsing next to the road in the rain.  We were about an hour into our game drive at Addo Elephant National Park and even though we've already has some great ellie sightings, having them so close to the vehicle was a nice little bonus.  Little being the operative word referring to this little tyke.   


  1. That's a fantastic photo of a baby elephant. You normally can't get baby ellies because their mothers and other aunts are so possessive!

  2. Oh, lucky you, and a great shot. Those little ones are hard to photograph camouflaged amongst the adults.