Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bridge series #2 - N2 over Sundays River

This is post #2 in the Port Elizabeth bridges series.  Cars approaching Port Elizabeth on the busy N2 from the east fly across the bridge over the Sundays River with only a quick glance towards the river.  I often wonder how many don't even see it while I'm sure most don't know of the historic Mackay Bridge only a couple of hundred meters upstream.  With the increase of traffic on the N2 the road from Port Elizabeth to Colchester has been turned into a double lane highway over the last few years.  Because of this an additional bridge has been built over the river.  The one on the left in the picture is the new bridge while the other is the older one.  The new one has been built slightly higher than the other (please don't ask me why) and they are currently in the process of lifting the old one (don't ask me this either) with a hydraulic system to the same height. 

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